Neverwinter Background

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The City of Skilled Hands, the Jewel of the North- many were the accolades once heaped upon Neverwinter. Then, almost thirty years ago, the city died. Minor earth tremors that had plagued the region for months were the precursors of the eruption of Mount Hotenow. A portion of that volcano’s peak exploded with such force that lava and superheated ash poured across the city in an avalanche. Half of Neverwinter’s population died in a heartbeat, the city’s buildings razed. A great rift now known as the Chasm rent the surface where the shifting earth had pulled apart. Strange zombies roamed the land in the aftermath, their dead flesh turned to ash by the fires that consumed the city. Yet the people of the North have always been resilient. After the destruction, many who had fled at the first tremors returned. Opportunists and looters arrived. People began to rebuild. Lord Dagult Neverember, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, eventually arrived as well, along with an army of Mintarn mercenaries. Today, the city struggles back to life under the watchful rule of the self-styled Lord Protector.
- Neverwinter Campaign Guide

The Jewel of the North

Neverwinter has been a prosperous city. Long ruled by Lord Nasher, Neverwinter was bastion of civilization in the north. The city even managed to weather the spellplague quite well. However it all changed with the eruption of Mt. Hotenow 30 years ago. The city is no longer a total ruin as the people of Neverwinter have been rebuilding, but with the death of Lord Nasher and the volcanic cataclysm, there is a power gap. Various factions are vying for control of the city, chief among them is the current lord of Waterdeep Dagult Neverember, who dubiously claims lineage back to Lord Nasher through a bastard son. Neverember’s rebuilding efforts and stabilizing force (due to his large mercenary contingent) is popular with the people of “New Neverwinter”, he knows that love of the people is the path to power.

Though other factions that have their eye on Neverwinter

  • Thay – For whatever reason, agents of Thay have been working in the city for some time. Which is unusual since the nation of Thay happens to on the other side of Faerûn.
  • Netheril – The Netherese have returned and have been expanding into the Neverwinter Wood. They seem to be searching for something.
  • Sons of Alagondar – A patriotic resistance group that opposes Neverember’s protectorship.
  • Dead Rats – A powerful thieves guild from Luskan. Led by were-rats (think skaven).
  • And many others working behind the scenes

Neverwinter Background

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