Character Creation


I think creating characters is one of the most fun parts of RPGs. Use the following information to formulate some ideas on your character. What we’ll probably do is get together on skype sometime and actually go through the character creation process. Overall, it’s really not that complicated.

Class Roles

The party should try to at least have 1 character that fits in each role (it’s not completely necessary, but doing something like a party full of level 1 wizards is a recipe for disaster). The roles are as follows (PHB1 goes into more detail)

  • Controllers focus on affecting multiple targets at once, either damaging or debuffing them, or altering the battlefield’s terrain. Some classes, such as Wizards and Invokers, are focused towards ranged combat, while Druids can specialize in ranged or melee combat.
  • Defenders focus on blocking attacking enemies and focusing their attacks on themselves. Defender classes are typically focused on melee combat, however some classes such as Swordmages also have ranged combat capabilities.
  • Leaders are focused on buffing and healing allies. Some Leader classes and builds are focused towards either melee or ranged combat, however the role as a whole is not.
  • Strikers are focused on mobility, dealing heavy damage to single targets and avoiding attacks. Some Striker classes and builds are focused towards either melee or ranged combat, however the role as a whole is not.


We’ll be using the following classes to choose from. Also listed is the rulebook where the class is detailed. Since I only own Players Handbook 1 (PHB1), I’d prefer choices from that book, however feel free to pick any of the other classes (though you’d have to take the lead on knowing your classes’ abilities, etc). I personally made the choice to leave out some the class options as I felt they didn’t match this particular setting. There are a TON of class options across all the 4e material.. if you stumble upon a class that isn’t on this list that you want to play let me know and we can discuss (like the “D&D Essentials” classes).

Cleric, Leader
Fighter, Defender
Paladin, Defender
Ranger, Striker
Rogue, Striker
Warlock, Striker
Warlord, Leader
Wizard, Controller

Barbarian, Striker
Bard, Leader
Druid, Controller
Invoker, Controller
Sorcerer, Striker
Shaman, Leader
Avenger, Striker
Warden, Defender

Monk, Striker

Forgotten Realms Players Guide
Swordmage, Defender


We’re going to chose from the following core races. A number of them also have sub-races specific to this setting (such as Elves and Dwarves in the Forgotten Realms). As before, I only own PHB1 so that’s preferred, but if you want something else we can talk.

Dwarf, realms sub-races are Shield Dwarf (most common), Gold Dwarf (less common)
Eladrin, basically high elves, realms sub-races are Moon Elves (most common), Sun Elves (uncommon)
Elf, realms sub-races are Wood Elf (most common), Wild Elf (very uncommon)


The information for the sub-races is in the Neverwinter Campaign Guide. If you pick a class that has sub-races you’ll have to make a choice and use the rules for that race, overall it’s pretty minor. I put links to the Forgotten Realms wiki that also contains some more background info.

Character Background

We’re not gonna get fancy with any backgrounds for your character, feel free to come up with one or not, your choice. However if you do, we can find a way to work it into the campaign and possibly give your character some cool stuff to do.

That being said, I do want one character to have the Neverwinter Noble background theme from the Neverwinter Campaign Guide. The requirement for this background is that the character’s race is human. Can be any class, except for Monk, Druid, Barbarian, Shaman, Warden, Ranger – as these don’t really fit a noble background. This character will sort of be the leader of the party. That doesn’t mean that they make all the decisions, its just that for whatever reasons the rest of the party members have decided to join up with this character on his/her journey to Neverwinter.

I may suggest other background themes from the Neverwinter Campaign Guide if they make sense.

Ability Scores

We’re going to use the ‘Standard Array’ method of generating your ability scores (STR, DEX, etc)


4th edition doesn’t have the traditional alignment matrix that most of you may be familiar with. Instead there are only 5 – Lawful Good, Good, Unaligned, Evil, and Chaotic Evil. For this game any alignment is allowed except for Evil and Chaotic Evil.

Character Creation

What I’m going to do is subscribe to D&D Insider which contains a ton of online tools, including a character creator that uses all the updated rules. Using this we can make/maintain/level up any character, even if you don’t have the books for it. It makes it really easy and should only take about 5 minutes. Afterwards you’ll get your character sheet, a list and description of all your powers, etc. Everything you need to play.

Character Sheets

I’m not yet certain how we will handle the character sheets, one option is to have each player maintain the sheets themselves, or we can put them all online. has a really cool online character database, where we can all view/edit/store the sheets for our game. I’m thinking about using that.

Character Creation

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